Monday, June 16, 2008

Beautiful day!

such a beautiful day today! Lots of sunshine and a nice breeze!
I haven't been online for a few days, thought I would pop on for a bit today. Too nice to stay indoors for long!
Oh, we are redoing the front porch and everything is such a mess out there! UGH! Drives me crazy! Anyway~ went out there this morning to water the few flowers I still have out there and in one flower bed that is all tore up and I have nothing planted there was a flower! A red and white petunia.....we have lived here 5 years and I have never planted petunias. I saw this tiny beautiful flower amidst the chaos and thought "Mom must have sent me that flower !" I've been struggling alot lately about her being gone and I thought this was her way of telling me things are going to be OK. She always like those striped petunias.
That just made me feel so hopeful. Wanted to share! Have a great day and if you get the chance to enjoy the sunshine, go for it! Now I am outta here to go get in the pool!

1 comment:

  1. Tacie,

    It was your mom I swear! My mom does that stuff all the time... or at least I believe it is my mom. :) doesnt it leave you with warm fuzzies all day.