Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Monday blues...

Back to work today......Christmas break went too fast! Although I admit I do miss the kids , just a teeny bit! The first week or so will be crazy though, it always takes them some time to get back in the swing of following rules again! So I may think today "oh I miss those little cuties" but by Wednesday I'll be going " why was break so short???" LOL

I tried to post some layouts I did last night but blogger wont let me! hmmm??? Oh well I'll try later.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years. Ours was good. We went to Angie's party & the kids played wii and we bigger kids played catch phrase. :-) Angie & Brian make the best party food too!

well gotta run and get back to work. Thanks for checking in w/ me!

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