Monday, December 1, 2008

Just Rambling!

It's snowing again.......sigh.......OK, so Winter is here & I just gotta suck it up. If it weren't for the fact I have to be out and driving in it most of the day I wouldn't care really. I'd say Bring it on & I'd make hot cocoa & snuggle on the couch with a good book. The bright side of it all is, it is a good excuse to go shopping for some cute snow boots!! :-)

Well I had to bail on Tina to see Twilight but I did go with Angie last Monday night to see it. It was good but not near as good as the books! Plus I couldn't help but laugh at some of the scenes and especially Jasper's face through the movie. Dude only had like one line too. The make up was overdone and I missed some of the stuff from the book they didnt add in the movie. I'd actually like to see it again cause I think Angie & I missed alot cause we had the giggles so bad. ((I know, sometimes we act like 12 yr old girls or something!)) We had a good time though! :-) I just hope they do better for the 2nd movie.

I hope all my" little turkeys" had a good Thanksgiving?? Ours was Ok. It was nice to be with family and the food was great and all of that. It was just hard without Mom. I know Christmas will be even harder still. We all miss her so much and the holidays are feeling a little empty without her. I sort of felt in a daze. I'm sure it will feel that way each holiday for a very long time. Luckily I have an amazing family & together we can get through all of this.

I haven't even been in the mood to do any Christmas shopping! It's right around the corner and I am so not prepared! I have got to get busy & figure out what to get done. Megan's list is short but expensive!! I do have some ideas for my sisters but I need to get busy!

well I better get a move on....have a great day & thanks for checking in with me.


  1. hey! how are you really? we missed you at the play day at albert hall. I have your order i just have to get well enough to get it to you. hope to see you soon. call me when you get a chance.Annette

  2. Gobble, Gobble, girlie,,,Opposites attract right??? For the first time in a very long time.. I WANT SNOW... we have only seen a very small dusting in the city and I am missing it so this year. AND... I can't beleive it. 1/2 of my X-mas cards are done and mailed and I only have 2 gifts left to get. Yippy! I dont know why I am in the spirit this year. Maybe it is a good sign for the New Year. Just wish I could snap out of this "funk".... Well enough gabbing. Have a good week :) Thinking of you!