Tuesday, November 4, 2008

hippie chic

ok, finally getting the pix posted of my little hippie chic & a couple of her buddies. she got us lots of good candy!! LOL! Although we had to cut the evening a little short since I fell in a hole! Yep, leave it to me! I was walking along a leaf covered sidewalk and fell in a hole that came up almost to my knee! So I fell and twisted my ankle. OWIE! I'm doing OK , but I was sure mad! I mean what are the odds??? someone told me it was some sort of water meter hole that the lid didnt get put back on?? I don't know.....but the city oughta do something about that! My friend that was w/ us is an EMT and she called the police and informed them about it. Luckily I didnt break my ankle!! It got caught under the sidewalk! GRR! So I guess that was my halloween trick , I would have preffered a treat! :-)

1 comment:

  1. well...falling in a hole cansure put a damper in your evening..... it must have ruined your hole, I mean whole, night!!