Tuesday, November 4, 2008

a bird on the short bus

fun fun fun!! we had a bird on our pre-k bus today! LOL It was hilarious! We're going down the road and this bird comes out from under the dash area and starts flying around, the kids all start screaming and I am running around trying to catch it. I can just imagine if someone drove by and seen me! They'd be thinking "someone needs to put a helmet on that poor girl before she hurts herself!" I started laughing so hard I couldn't get to it. Finally managed to get it out. The kiddos will have a fun story to tell. One little girl said " That biwd fweaked me out! " heeeheee

I love my job...........................


  1. lol i can picture it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hmmm....I am picturing this scene in my mind and it is hilarious! Sorry about your ankle, you've got to be really careful nowadays when you are out trick or treating...it can be very dangerous!!!!hahahahahahahahaha

    Yes, I am laughing WITH you!