Thursday, September 11, 2008

about a flower

This LO has taken me over 2 months to make. Not because of my usual indecision over papers and embellishments, or what goes where. Because of the emotions behind it. I wanted something very simple , something that perhaps just "speaks" to me to remind me things are OK. Every time I tried to work on it I would get emotional and close the program. Today seemed like a good day to finish it. Maybe today I needed to be "spoken" to.


  1. Tacie,

    I have goosebumps all over my body and the biggest tears coming down my cheeks and I welcome them to share with you. I do believe your mom sent that flower to you and your family to let you know she may not be here with you in body but, she is here with you always if that makes since. Thanks for sharing. I adore you and that you share your raw emotions with us.

    Take care pretty and again thanks for sharing.


  2. gosh, make me cry! it is so sad you lost her but yes, there are signs quite evident that you two will be together again... she is in beauty all around her and she sent just a touch of it


  3. this is really beautiful…and you are a beautiful person!!!!!!!!