Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sleepover? Megan had her friend Abbey over last night for a sleepover. Altho, calling it a sleepover would imply there's sleeping involved! So a stay-over. I had to put on my mean mommy face and use my mean mommy voice at 5 AM!!!!!!! Ugh! Are you kidding me??? I threatened a good long grounding if they didn't go to bed NOW. Especially since I had told them at 1 they needed to go to bed. Anyway the look on my daughter's face was pure fear and I had to try not to laugh. Yes I was angry because I was awaken at 5 AM by fits of laughter & came out to find the LR trashed w/ toys, slim jim wrappers and kool aid bursts. BUT I also remember doing the same thing at her age!! My mom was even brave enough to let me have slumber parties quite often where we'd try and stay up til dawn! ( I've allowed 1 so far and that my friend was good enough to last me for a long long time!) Anyway, I got over being mad after they finally got settled and apologies were said and promises to pick up the mess were made. I figure this is life and maybe a little payback from my mom! Nothing's broken, ruined or missing. It's summer and I didn't have to get up and go to work. They are peacefully sleeping now and I have a quiet house for the moment. So no harm done I suppose. Plus it got me thinking about all my late nighters as a kid and all my childhood friends and our goofy things we did. In fact...some of those childhood friends are still my friends today and how wonderful is that??????

But maybe the next stay-over should be at Abbey's house.

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