Wednesday, July 30, 2008

busy busy!

wow, finally getting the chance to sit down and write. phew, been busy! Last week my SIL and her 3 kidlets were over and spent the night...that was fun!!! :-) Altho, I have to admit just about EVERY time I went to hold that baby niece of mine she would cry !! I couldn't believe it! I'm usually awesome w/ babies.....but not this one! I lost my touch! she hates me!! Ok, yes over reacting a tad bit there......babies sometimes just cry for everyone but their mama. Still, it's a kick in the ole "Aunt ego." sigh.......... oh well, I did get to have a little girlie time w/Elizabeth in the pool. she's a hoot! Meg was a wee bit jealous sharing mama tho. (I have been TRYING to post pics on here of the kids but can't get it to work today. Try again later. )
Oh and Fri night and all day Sat I went to a crop w/ Angie.....had A LOT of fun! Thanks Angie for some girl time , scrapping & Starbucks!!!! Much needed break from reality & darn good coffee. :-) You rock sistah!

Then sun was a little family get together w/ dad. Nice to see my sisters and their posse's! it is still very weird being over there w/o mom there. I know we all miss her terribly, especially dad. One day at a time right???
Ok before I make myself cry thinking about all that, better change the subject!!

it's almost back to school time! Less than 3 weeks!! where did the summer go?? Goes so so SO fast! Meg will be back to school and I will be back to work dealing w/ screaming kids. oh the joy.
I get so spoiled being able to be a SAHM during the summer. Makes it hard to go back but gotta do whatcha gotta do! :-) it's not like it's ALL bad.........really..........
Was thinking we should have a back to school party but not sure. we'll see....
anyhoo.....have a great day, thanks for checking in w/ me, & I will try to post some pics!! tootles!

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