Sunday, August 10, 2008

Death Dogs & the Lawn Mower of Doom!

Nothing says "Back to school" like a backpack w/ skulls and poodles on it!! Yep, we found the perfect backpack - which is essential for starting a new year. It's her fave color and looks really cool! we saw it at Target and she was like "That's it! That's the one I want!" it is really pretty , then I looked at it and I was like " skulls and poodles, interesting combo!" and she said " it's death poodle! beware!" So we got a good laugh and got the bag! I have to admit the black and white part does remind me of rub ons or stamps, something to do w/ scrapbooking! ( It's a sickness I know. )

And onto the lawn mower of doom.......sigh.....I went to mow today and as I was mowing along my merry way, the mower suddenly got slower, made a big BANG and started squealing and then I was engulfed in ALOT and I mean ALOT of smoke!!! It was crazy!!! It was making this awful noise and the smoke was just rolling! I was like " Oh no it's gonna blow!" and jumped off and sprinted for the house thinking if it actually caught fire I was screwed and would be calling 911. Scott of coarse isn't here, he's working out of town today. I called his friend , he asked me if I went to see if it would start again, are you kidding me? I am too damn scared to go back out there!! So after laughing at me he gave me his best diagnosis and then I called Scott. What should I say?? "hey honey, do you know how much I looove you?? I blew up your mower!" So I just told him how nice it was of me to try and mow the yard but something I told him my frightful story and he just laughed at first, before the realization set in that we now have to buy a new mower. All Megan had to say was " Cool!! you really blew up the mower????" To which I had to explain that it's not literally blown into pieces in the backyard! Then it was less exciting. was enough excitement for me!!!


  1. ha haaaa... from the subject title I thought maybe the dog got ran over by the lawn mower! oh you crack me up!


  2. ok, that backpack is TOO darn cute!! I want one for ME!

    We'll be heading to Target this week to do our back-to-school shopping. I'll have to see if we can find something as cool as that one!

  3. LOL I DOUBT YOU BROKE THE MOWER.... (MAYBE NOT) lolololol love the backpack